Dobot CR Series: The Benchmark in Collaborative Robotics

Step into the future of industrial automation with the Dobot CR Series

This advanced line-up features six distinct payloads: 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, and 16 kg, all with the precision of ±0.02 mm repeatability. Designed to work harmoniously alongside humans – safe, flexible, user-friendly and ready for rapid deployment in diverse sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, healthcare, chemical, and new retail.

CR3: Compact cobot for delicate tasks

Dobot CR3

Meet the CR3, a lightweight and compact marvel from the Dobot CR range. Perfect for fitting into tight spaces, CR3 is the ideal automation solution for light tasks, from handling coffee to enhancing retail service.

CR5: Versatile powerhouse

Dobot CR5

Experience high performance with the Dobot CR5. The CR5 is the smart choice for inspection, assembly, screwdriving, bin picking and more, answering the complex needs of various industries.

CR10: High speed efficiency

Dobot CR10

The Dobot CR10 combines far-reaching capacity with speed. Boasting a maximum reach of 1525 mm and max operating speed of 4 m/s, the CR10 offers reliability in fast-paced scenarios like palletising, unpacking, and transportation.

CR16: Heavy duty performer

Dobot Cr16

When it comes to handling hefty tasks, the Dobot CR16 is your go-to. With a maximum payload of 16 kg and max operating speed of 3 m/s, the CR16 enhances heavy object handling and palletising efficiency using a wide array of Dobot+ plug-and-play accessories.

Available with 2nd generation Safe Skin technology

The CRS series adds Dobot’s safe skin technology to the CR platform making them even more sensitive to human interaction and pre-collision detection.

Quick deployment and user-friendly programming

Experience the convenience of Dobot CR’s plug-and-play design. With options to program using graphical interfaces, scripting on smartphones, tablets and computers, or direct drag-to-teach methods, you can get your Dobot CR cobot installed in 20 minutes and operational within an hour.

Designed for safe collaboration

Safety is embedded in the DNA of the Dobot CR Series. ISO 13849 and TS15066 certified, the cobots have 22 safety features, adaptable collision detection levels, and optional SafeSkin for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Dobot CR Series cobot demonstrates auto collision detection
Dobot CR series cobot demonstration of machine learning

Empowered by AI

Dobot CR cobots are empowered by all-perceptive AI technology, integrating vision, force, and voice controls. Trajectory tracking and a portable learning algorithm make human-like motions a reality.

Superior performance through advanced algorithms

The Dobot CR series is powered by industry-leading algorithms to ensure precise and stable movements, achieving ±0.02 mm repeatability and superior vibration suppression.

Dobot CR Series demonstration of compensation technology
Dobot CR Series - collection of different attachments

Open ecosystem for scalability

Maximise your Dobot CR cobot’s potential with a variety of plug-and-play accessories, capable of extending functionality across multiple IO and communication interfaces. Benefit from the ability to perform over 50 tasks across 8 major industries thanks to task-specific software packages, backed by 20+ supported development platforms.