Using a DOBOT CR16 in Palletizing Operations

Written by Seb Keightley

Apr 2, 2024

April 2, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of industrial automation, efficient palletizing plays a crucial role in streamlining logistics and warehouse processes. The DOBOT CR16 is tailor-made for palletizing and similar manual tasks. Let’s take a dive into how this versatile arm can elevate your palletizing operations.

Key Features of DOBOT CR16

Heavy Payload Capability

The CR16 boasts an impressive 16 kg maximum payload Its robust build allows it to handle bulky items with ease, making it ideal for palletizing heavier loads.

Flexible Working Radius:

With a 1000 mm working radius and a 1223 mm maximum reach, the CR16 covers a wide operational area. It adapts seamlessly to various palletizing layouts and warehouse configurations. 

Plug-and-Play Accessories:

The CR16 is compatible with a range of Dobot+ ecosystem accessories. Whether it’s grippers, sensors, or conveyor belts, the cobot integrates effortlessly to enhance palletizing efficiency. 

Dobot Cr16

Benefits of Using DOBOT CR16 for Palletizing

Efficiency Boost: 

The CR16 accelerates palletizing tasks, reducing manual labor hours. This allows staff to focus on more dynamic and creative tasks.

Space Optimization: 

The compact design of the CR16 allows it to operate efficiently even in confined spaces. Warehouses can maximize storage capacity without compromising on palletizing efficiency

Safety and Collaboration: 

The cobot’s built-in safety features enable safe human-robot collaboration. Workers can focus on supervisory tasks while the CR16 handles repetitive palletizing.

For improved safety the CR16 SafeSkin is ideal. The capacitive skin enables pre-collision detection, meaning the cobot can pause its activities BEFORE it comes into contact with a person.

Out of the box capabilities

Dobot Studio Pro has out of the box palletising capabilities and can be set up with just a few clicks. Using the blockly programming system and some drag-and-drop taught points the  CR16 can be set up without any coding experience.


Versatile pattern creation

Dobot Studio and the CR16 have versatile pattern capabilities that can be set up without any programming experience.

It is also possible to do carton assembly with a Dobot CR10 or CR16 meaning that the tedious tasks of building and stacking boxes can be given to a robot, freeing an operator up for more creative and dynamic tasks.

This fits with the ‘Three D’s’ of automation – let the robots do anything that is too Dull, too Dangerous, or too Dirty.


The DOBOT CR16 revolutionizes palletizing operations by combining strength, flexibility, and ease of integration. Whether you’re in logistics, manufacturing, or e-commerce, consider harnessing the power of the CR16 to optimize your palletizing workflow. 

Check out our article exploring the versatility of cobots for more information on some of these applications.

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